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Elder scrolls Morrowind Skyrim
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Oskar Jakubisiak
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Dreamhead by Swietopelk
Something I made long ago for Project Kalpa, but I couldn't get it to look psychedelic enough. Well, Google's Deep Dream came to my aid again :D I love the way this software tries to connect shapes. I hope one day we'll be able to train it ourselves, with images we choose. It would be so great to make a series of images and have it look for similar shapes within our own paintings... That way I guess it'd be more suitable for an art form, rather than just a gimmick.
Shamanic Dream by Swietopelk
Shamanic Dream
Having fun with Photoshop and Google's Deep Dream algorithm. I guess I can't take the whole credit for this piece of art, since it's partially made by artificial intelligence but I like it nevertheless. Only self portrait I was ever happy with :D
Bonemold armours by Swietopelk
Bonemold armours
Finally got around to finish them all. It's one of my biggest armour projects so far, they share bits, but in total got 12 variations. I have no idea how many of them will end up in the game, hoping that eventually all of them.

1. Regular Bonemold armour. Almsivi carvings, simple design. This style is not identified with any of the Houses.

2. Native Chuzei Bonemold Helmet. As in original Morrowind, not much is known about the provenience or associations of this helmet.

3. Gah-Julan Bonemold armour. Style associated with the Great House Redoran, here seen with simple, ash protective garments, as Redoran guards will wear it. This style's smooth and aerodynamic shapes are a direct reference to Redoran Architecture.

4. Ornate Gah-Julan Bonemold armour and Redoran War helm. Armour is the same as guards, however with rich noble garments. This is a suit for manor district guards, high ranking members of Redoran, and even councelors. The helmet design is based on Michael Kirkbride's concept art.

5. Redoran Master helm. As in Morrowind, traditional bonemold mask worn by the Masters of House Redoran.

6. Redoran Watchman coat and Redoran Watchman bonemold helm. This is a suit of Redoran Watchmen, who in times of war are used as mounted scouts, and in times of peace patrol the dangerous roads around Ald'Ruhn and Maar Gan. They travel riding battle guar. Inspired by Michael Kirkbride's Concept Art.

7. Redoran Watchman chitin helm. Variation on the watchman helmet made of chitin, staying more true to original Morrowind.

8. Ald-Mahkan Bonemold armour. In Dunmeri language meaning "Old Path", this style is associated with Great House Telvanni. It is the only armour designed completely from scratch (except for early versions from Discoocult, one of Skywind's designers), only the helmet is inspired by Michael Kirkbride's Concept art. This style's organic shapes, spiral ornamentation and spiky portrusions are a direct reference to Telvanni mushroom architecture.

9. Telvanni Molecrab helm. As in original Morrowind, a molecrab shell with a bonemold mask attached.

10. Dust Adept Suit. Based on Michael Kirkbride's concept art, this is a garment worn by Telvanni Dust Adepts. They were banished from Vvardenfel by the Empire so that they can not practice their deadly ash magic, but some of their equipment remained on the Island. And who knows... Maybe there are some of them left on the Island, practicing in secret. The armour features a backpack filled with ash, so that their magic is not limited to ashlands only.

11. Armun-An armor. Style associated with Great House Hlaalu. This is a simpler version worn by common Hlaalu city guards. Based on Morrowind original. The assymetric pauldrons allow for more protection of the shield arm, and more movement for the sword arm. This style's straight angles breaking with smooth corners are a direct reference to Hlaalu urban architecture.

12. Ornate Armun-An armor. Though still Armun-An in style, this one has solidified resin jewels incorporated into it, as well as more ornaments. Yellow cloth pieces with House symbols leave no doubt whom is the wearer representing, and a tusked codpiece with big, spiky pauldrons give off a thuggish, formidable impression. This is an armour worn by high ranked Hlaalu officers, guards of manor districts and House main quarters, as well as personal guards of councelors.
Ancestor Skeleton by Swietopelk
Ancestor Skeleton
Done for Skywind. Probably self explanatory, stronger skeleton for ancestral tombs. Prepared skeleton covered with bonemold pieces, molded directly into the bones. I usually make my designs as practical as the theme allows, but this time I'm not limited by human body mechanics, so I wanted to go all the way into spiky and bulkiness.
Iron Weapons by Swietopelk
Iron Weapons
Made for Skywind. The idea is that in a world, where steel is available, iron isn't used for proffessional weapons. However, because of how cheap and readily available it is, it's widely used for tool making. So all of the iron weapons are repurposed tools. They're going to look badass when used by bandits, brigands, and farmers for self-defence.

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